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K to 4 Software Developments

This has been reproduced from my personal blog – apologies to those who have already read it! As an aside – I am happy to report that our school have gone ahead with this program in Primary – now how do I get my refund since my children can access via school for free? LOL.

I have a stack of 14 different PC Educational Games on my desk right now that we have purchased this year for Chayse and Kaiden’s ”at home” learning. We haven’t been impressed with ANY of them, including some of the expensive top name brands. The fourteen titles (not including the many in the kid’s cupboard) have simply not been anything more than a passing fancy – offering a small range of ‘literacy/numeracy games’ most of which are freely available via the internet. 

My earlier post has made reference to a subscription service that we were referred to by a family friend (Thanks G); ABC Reading Eggs. After a two-week trial run I have been impressed by the level of engagement, reporting to parents (vocabulary lists, blend lists, letter recognition results, etc) and the phonics based approach to child learning. We are still actively involved in an integrated approach with our kids, daily reading, story making, flash cards, rewards, etc… but the computer is able to deliver an independence to learning, motivation and sustained engagement that we have not been able to duplicate easily! Both kids ASK to go “on the eggs”.

Australia is clearly ‘streaks ahead’ in K-5 educational software development and my limited research has uncovered a myriad of similar literacy learning sites. Most are available for individual subscription or a bulk school order – with most in the ‘under $1,000 per year’ for the whole school to have access and access at home. In my humble opinion, numeracy is very well covered by the freely available MATHLETICS program.

I have noticed a significant change in both of my children’s reading engagement over the past 2-3 weeks. Please consider trailing one of the following services if you have young children – all offer a free trial. Perhaps you may also consider approaching your school if you feel the programs are working for you – or a letter to the owners of Hungry Jacks/KFC (if McDonalds can offer Mathletics for free perhaps….)?

I should add that I have nothing to gain from this promotion and there is no ‘kick back’ to me or my family. In addition to the subscribed services, I have listed a couple of FANTASTIC FREE resources I have found but they do not ‘save student progress’ or offer a reporting statement to parents. I will be using these sites to add some variety outside of our existing home based computer offerings. Hope there is something of use here. Also, if you have been using a site that works for you – let me know!

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