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Teacher Evaluations

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment

TEACHER Magazine reports that the Los Angeles Unified School Districts Board have recently opened the door for student standardised test data to be used as a measuring stick for teacher evaluation. Most sadly is the publication of a ‘best to worst’ list of teachers using this standardised data as a primary measure of performance. The fall out has been as expected (click here). In future this data will only be one of the evaluation tools used by the district but it will most certainly be the most publicised, scrutinised and the most likely to be ‘leaked’ as ‘best to worst’ listing by an ever hungry media pack.

As our own government make moves to move this process forward, it will be interesting to see the pitfalls (from this model) that may lay ahead for Australian Schools. I’m certainly not opposed to scrutiny, accountability and even a healthy sprinkling of competition but I am disturbed by using fear and/or humiliation as a form of extrinsic motivation for teacher performance.

I’m sure we have not heard the last on this issue and the debate will continue for some years to come.