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Symposium, the Voice of Youth

September 6, 2010 1 comment

Inspired by the Summit 2020, we last year launched a ‘Youth Symposium’ for our Year 11 English class. This has been a fantastic, purpose driven task that really helped to develop the leadership of our Year 11s as they prepared for provisional leadership in their final years at the college.

Last year, students focused on CHANGING OUR SCHOOL with symposium proposals that included: school lockers, a student study centre at the college, development of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, a ‘School Band’ and ‘Music’ program and laptops in school.

The Principal, Deputy Principal, Business Manager and a range of other classes (and teachers) were invited to attend the final Symposium presentation after a full rehearsal. Students commented that they were committed to their project presentation because they knew ‘that the people who were attending had the influence and money to make the projects happen’. Just what we had hoped! 

We have just launched a similar brief with our current (2010) Year 11’s and I have produced an overview of our progress (comments below). I would LOVE to hear if others have tried this and what success they have experienced.