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Vanilla Education

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

An 11 minute challenging video. I loved the content; it is refreshing to be reminded that our goal is not to produce ‘cookie-cutter’ kids from ‘cookie cutter’ schooling. What do you think of the final few minutes? Are these proposals realistic? achievable?

I recently visited a school website where a mp3 recording of ‘What students liked about the school’ was available to listen to. On four occasions the students referred to ‘not having to sit at a desk like other schools’, ironically my daughter (in Year 1, not from the afore-mentioned school) came home with a script her class had compiled for their end of year assembly. They had been asked to write down ‘what they had LOVED about year one?’ They said;

“I” is for “independent”. We have enjoyed having our very own desk to sit at with our tray full of our very own things

My point is NOT to say that one is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but rather an observation that we (as educators) somehow ‘sell’ our pedagogy to our parents / students, regardless of the approach we take.

This commentary is only a microscopic part of the content covered here – it is certainly worth your review.


OECD Education at a Glance

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Interested in seeing how Australia compares with the rest of the world in relation to performance, graduation statistics, students pursuing tertiary studies, money spent on education, alternative programs in other countries, ‘country rankings’, teacher pay scales, class sizes, contact time?

Then you may be interested in looking over the new 472 page report from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) … OK…. there is an abridged version titled, “Highlights from Education at a Glance” (92 pages) which is well worth having a glance at. You may wish to leave a strategically placed, pre-highlighted copy in the teacher’s staff room in hope that the Principal may have a look too!

E-Portfolios OR Why I Wish I Was a School Student Again!

I have a great interest in this area and have been examining a wide range of online facilities that students are able to utilise. certainly seems to have the best scope for our needs (from the ones I have looked at – Moodle ready). I like the idea of a student being able to carry their accomplishments, results and samples with them across their learning years / lives. It ‘feels’ more like going to school to ‘write your life book’.

We talk of the notion of ‘life-long learning’ and this is a true opportunity to capture it all’. I can see many benefits;

  • Strong sense of ‘audience’/ ‘readership’ through online publication (secured distribution)
  • Record of ‘progress’
  • Organisational maintenance of portfolio
  • Students look for opportunities to capture their achievement
  • Ongoing access to assessment items that can influence new learning
  • Functional – students should be able to use their e-portfolio as a project that ‘moves with them’ both from year to year, but also, school to school.
  • Mum’s LOVE it!

A particularly useful resource for teachers who may want to investigate this further has been produced at if you have no intention of visiting the site – no worries – here’s a video!

World Teacher’s Day – 29 Oct 2010

August 24, 2010 1 comment

World Teacher’s Day is just around the corner. Tell us what you are going to do at your school on our FACEBOOK discussion board! Joine the WA Teacher’s Lounge while you are there by hitting LIKE!!/pages/WA-Teachers-Lounge/154210691257798?ref=sgm

These are GREAT projects for WA Staff and Kids alike – note the FREE STICKERS and COMPETITION!  Here’s the latest!

The Western Australian College of Teaching is proud to promote World Teachers’ Day on behalf of all teachers in Western Australia.

More than 100 countries celebrate World Teachers’ Day on 5 October each year but because there are school holidays at around this time in Australia, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day on the last Friday in October.

This year, World Teachers’ Day is 29 October 2010.

The College is supporting World Teachers’ Day by providing ideas for activities before or on the day, and coordinating the World Teachers’ Day competition. See below for competition details and prizes.

Posters – The World Teachers’ Day 2010 poster is currently being designed. Once finalised, all schools will receive a copy.
Stickers – The popular WTD stickers can be requested by email with your school’s address and requested number of stickers. They will be posted out when ready. 
Student competitions – The College is encouraging students to use either artwork or a piece of writing to show how their teacher ‘makes a world of difference’. Exciting prizes are on offer for the four competitions that are being run for varying age students.
Ideas and activitiesClick here for ideas and activities to help you celebrate and thank teachers on World Teachers’ Day 2010.